Discuss effect of bullying.

ENGL 1302
Prof. Behmer
FALL 2014
Essay Two: Visual Analysis
Overview: In standard English, write a 1000-1250 word essay analyzing a commercial ad in standard MLA format. The ad should relate to a community issue (i.e. public service announcements deterring smoking). The ad must be produced by either a state or nationally recognized non-profit organization (i.e. PETA, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.).Your essay should analyze the visual elements of the ad to determine how it communicates its message effectively towards its target audience.
Topics: You may focus your essay on any one these suggested topics.
1) Littering
2) Bullying
3) Parenting
4) Donating to Charity
5) Homeless
6) Public Education
7) Gun Control
Purpose: This project will ask you to engage in an objective evaluation of visual material. Here, you will not be able to offer your own personal feelings. Instead you will demonstrate an appreciation for how visual messages are applied to persuade an audience. This means you will also be evaluating the ad’s persuasive strategies (i.e. ethos, logos, pathos) by critically examining the ad’s visual elements (i.e. use of color, point of view, distance, space, use of text, shapes, angles, etc.)
Due: Sept. 22
Formatting Instructions: Use MLA standard essay formatting – 12pt size, Times New Roman font, 1” margins, double spacing. Do not use a title page.
Evaluation Guidelines: Excellent (A grade) papers will display the following characteristics:
? A thesis that clearly states your evaluation of the ad’s persuasiveness
? A critical examination of the ad’s visual elements
? A logical sequence of points
? Establish a reliable/trustworthy tone
? Organized and smooth pattern of ideas
? Carefully crafted sentences in standard academic English