Discpline Custom Essay

Discipline is an important virtue in life, and particularly self-discipline is a critical aspect that determines success in life. Discipline typically involves adherence and respect to a set standard and hence it takes into account order and organization in life. Relevance of discipline in life is underlined by the negative impact when discipline is lacking including presence of chaos. Nature includes ordered phenomena and this shows that without discipline things would not work out clearly. This includes how day and nights occur, and the seasons in a year. Without discipline it would take more time and energy to carry out tasks. Thus, discipline applies in almost all aspects of life, as better-organized people are more likely to set clear goals and follow up on them. This paper mainly highlights on the concept of self-discipline, but also delves into enforced discipline, workplace discipline and mind discipline Self-discipline Self-discipline is one of the forms of discipline that helps one to stay focused and typically includes staying away from the thrills of the moment and focusing on task at hand.