Differentiate normal aging from abnormal signs and symptoms of illness can be difficult. On what would you base a decision as to whether a symptom was an abnormal finding or normal aging? What further assessments or information would be helpful in making these decisions?

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The care of the elderly person is dependent on astute assessment skills. Many assessment screening tools are available for use and the Hartford Institute of Geriatric Nursing has developed a website to bring many of these tools together into one location. In this one location you will find numerous assessment tools for use with the elderly. The assessment tools are 2 pages, easy to follow instruction sheets for many standardized assessment tools. Also included are written guides and videos for administering the screening assessments called “How to Try This®.” The resources are divided into three areas: General Assessment Series, Specialty Practice Series, and Dementia Series. By clicking on the category box, the individual tools can be accessed. You will be directed throughout this course to review assessment tools that may apply to that particular unit:

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