Developmental Curriculum Paper Custom Essay

Developmental Curriculum Paper The aim of the developmental curriculum is to cultivate commitment, self direction and creation of thinkers who are independent learners (Otto, 2010). It has been noted that children have diverse abilities with different uniqueness, resourcefulness and competency. Research indicates that the environment plays critical roles, considering that leaders are steered by the environmental changes (Cherry, 2012). Children have been noted to learn differently and at the same time take different time in grasping the language concepts (Oswalt, 2012). Developmental curriculum has been credited with the provision of varied and rich experiences in learning, which offers the children with the best learning environments. The learnt materials identify with promoting cognitive, language, social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. Children freely connects with areas of their interests shedding light to motivational aspects, which in turn delivers a feeling of belonging in the models resonating with participation aspects (Oswalt, 2012).