Designing an Information Architecture

Designing an Information Architecture
Implementing any kind of change can be difficult. However, with careful thought and planning, change can be accomplished.
This week, you examined the importance of designing and planning the architecture of an information system, and identified key stakeholders who need to be a part of the planning process. In this week’s media segment, Dr. Yasnoff stated that “in information technology architecture is really your guide to how a system operates. It describes how the system gets information, how it processes the information, how it stores it, how it outputs the information, and how people interact with the information.”
In preparation for this Discussion, think about the process of developing an information systems architecture, and who should be involved in this process. Consider the role of each team member and why they are important to the team.
•What are the benefits of designing the architecture of an information system?
•Why is it important to use a collaborative team approach when designing information system architecture?