Please follow the following steps:

1. Describe the theory of unpleasant symptoms. Include Development of the theory- when, why, by whom, what discipline, revisions (include dates and description of changes); Purpose, Assumptions, Key concepts & Propositions of the Theory; and Congruence with Nursing discipline.

2. According to this theory, describe the Interrelation of patient/client, environment, health, nursing.

3.Identify 3 published research studies (see articles attached)that have used or tested the theory. Evaluate how well the theory functioned in these studies (testability and empirical adequacy criteria from Fawcett [see photo attached).

4.Describe an individual-, family-, or community-level clinical case that is appropriate for application of the middle-range theory of unpleasant symptoms.

5.Identify nursing assessments and interventions that would be necessary to apply the theory of unpleasant symptoms to a particular case study.

6.Use a variety of clinical, research, and theoretical references (from 2010 to present) and limit Internet references to scientific sources. The paper must be typed and double-spaced, with 1? margins on all sides. It must also conform to APA (2001) format for the title page, abstract, headings, and references. Page limit: 10 pages, excluding the title page.

Thank you.