Project description
Paper Assignment for Crim 200
Writing Assignment:

For the writing portion of class you will write a 2-3 page paper. Half of the paper will be about what career you may want to go into in Criminal Justice. You will need to research the type of job, what you would be doing in that job, what kind of department is it, requirements for getting the job, pay, benefits, and advancement in the job or field, and so on.

The second part of the paper will be about an up and coming issue, or modern issue involving technology and it’s use from a law enforcement standpoint and publics perception. Pick a topic from below:

DNA-Collection, use, data bases

Internet/Computer—pros/cons of thInternet, how does this help/hinder law enforcement, criminality, etc.

Drones—using drones for law enforcement/civil use in the U.S.

Cell phones—pros/cons, legality of tracking, etc.

Scanners on police cars, (that scan license plates)—Pros/cons, use, misuse issues

When you pick a topic look at the pros/cons of the issues, what are the issues, who are effected, how does the constitution or Supreme Court look at it, or does it? What other ramifications is there involving privacy verses the need for law enforcement access? What are your thoughts on your topic and the use of the technology?