Criminal Law/Contract Law

Case Assignment:

Managed Care Organizations, and corporations generally, have legal departments or law firms that zealously represent their interests. Consequently, in the managed care environment, practitioners need to have some savvy when it comes to negotiation and contracting (not just in healing). The focus of this module will be on the core basics of negotiating and contracting as an introduction to these issues in a managed care setting.

Assignment expectations:

1. Identify and describe the three basic elements of a contract;

2. Identify and discuss the stages of negotiation and areas of concern. Be sure to remember there are several approaches to negotiation and indentify the one you chose;

3. Discuss the implications of a contract that contains provisions for performing illegal activities;

4. Define severability clause and discuss its impact on a contract with one or more provisions that are unenforceable. In other words, does an unenforceable provision make the entire contract void?


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