console application

console application
1. Design and implement a C# console application to manage student records. Your application will read input data from a file (students.txt). This file will contain data in the following format: studentIdlastNamefirstNamegpa year
2. The year field will contain either freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate. All other fields are self-explanatory.
3. After reading the input data, your application should allow the user to perform the following functions using menu-based input as shown below:
Please choose from the following:
Search by Last Name (1)
Search by First Name (2)
Sort by Last Name (3)
Sort by gpa (4)
Sort by year (5)
Add new student (6)
Exit (7)
4. Your application should loop until the user chooses to quit. You do not have to write the modified
data to any file.
5. Please include comments in your code. Please use appropriate variable names.
6. Turn-in instructions are posted on Blackboard