Part 1:

Backup & Recovery

Answer the following questions:
Do you have a backup strategy for your computer?
How often do you backup?
What do you backup?
What type of format do you use for your backup?
Where do you save the backup?
How long do you save the backup?

If I stole your computer or spilled a hot cup of coffee on your computer right now how much information would you
lose? What backup strategy should you implement?

Considering your answers, discuss the importance of having a backup strategy, both for home users and businesses.

Part 2:

The IT security job market is booming — but that doesn’t mean everyone is automatically getting a job, or the
right job. And just like the threat landscape is rapidly evolving, so are the qualifications and qualities needed
for positions in the security profession.

There’s a conundrum between supply and demand: Employers are looking for security candidates who can fill a
specific need, such as incident response or risk management, while security pros on the job hunt want to build on
their existing skills and advance their careers. “But employers don’t want to hire someone to get experience on
their dime,” says Lee Kushner, president of LJ Kushner and Associates, an IT security recruitment firm.

Read this article:


Why is IT security critical for a company? Do you think this is an area that is going to grow or shrink over the  next decade?