comparitive litreuture paper

comparitive litreuture paper
choose one of the questions and write about it in 4 pages. including an annotated bibliography page( primary and 1-2 secondary source.

1- Defining ?Comparative Literature? seems to be a difficult job for most of the critics. Discuss the definitions given to the term and highlight the points of strength and weakness in each, and state which one you think best defines it and why.


2- Feminism is usually a very debatable issue. Explain the three different waves of feminism and state your personal opinion about each of them, and what you think is still missing in those waves that can ameliorate the conditions of women in
different societies.

the essay should be about 1000 words, the absolute minimum is 800 ? and the absolute maximum 1200 words- double spaced

This is for Essay 4 pages and 2 Pages Annotated Bibliography.