comparison with a nearby local cafe, the new Seven AM café has several distinguishing advantages over the other one.

comparison with a nearby local cafe, the new Seven AM café has several distinguishing advantages over the other one.
To the customers;
1. It has reduced the movement of the customers which may be an inconvenience for older individuals and people with health problems.This has increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the service. The competitors do not seem to take into account the special needs groups present in the society.
2. An increase in primary service counters takes care of the ever increasing number of customers that come to the cafe.

To the business;
3. Reducing customer movement promotes a positive image of the café. This in turn encourages customers to come to the café.
4. Considering the disadvantaged in the society has introduced a new customer group into its operations.

b) How the original customer order process compares to that of a competing nearby cafe

In the original seven am café, the customer has to go to the far end of the counter A after paying for the food in the counter D. This yielded confusion as new customers got stranded of how the processworked.
The competing café follows the same process, except for a different location of the counter E that serves cream, sugar and lids.
c)How does it compare to your new improved process?
My improved process will serve to improve the efficiency of the café and step up the effectiveness of the earlier customer service system. An increase in the number of ordering and service counters will promote the efficiency of the process. In my new process, the customers will pay for the food and beverages, then proceed to ordering counters then after that to food and beverage service counters.
Time will be utilized efficiently and the customer’s waiting time will be reduced. A special counter for the aged and physically disabled has been introduced in an effort to consider the minority. Food will be delivered to them by three waiters. The counter E, in the older seven am café design will be relocated to be near beverages since in the earlier model it was far away from where the beverages were.
The improved process will streamline the movement of individuals and reduce counter current motion that was a key disadvantage in the earlier design.

a) Business process improvement is an important aspect when considering. Business process should be an organizational capability and should be intangible or not easily be acquired by competitors. Since we are living in an ever changing environment, a business should continuously change its operations in order to adapt to the conditions.With emphasis on continuous improvement, a business is ever ready to face change, which is perpetual in this customer-oriented economy.
b) What is the difference between business process remodelling and business process re-engineering?

Business process re-engineering could be defined as the fundamental rethinking and reanalysing a company’s activity in order to accomplish remarkable improvement in significant up to date performance.
On the other hand, business process remodelling is the process that involves the changing of the existing structure or the form of business processes in order to bring about improvement of the business activities of the firm.