Communication Reflection Report

Communication Reflection Report

Instructions: Each tutorial you will work in groups to solve a problem embedded in
a communication case study in communication. Instructions and
requirements for each tutorial will be available.

You will be placed in a group for Weeks 2-4; and then you will change
into another group for weeks 5-7. This will provide you with some
comparative material on which to construct your argument.

For each tutorial you will be provided with:

a) ‘spotlight’ on a communication skill or concept
b) a case study relating to the weekly unit material

You will attempt to apply and/or observe the communication skills or concepts you are given over the semester while working in your groups
on the case study. Each skill may not be applicable every week (for
example, you may not have any conflict in your group in the week you
are provided with information on group conflict).

At the end of each tutorial, you will spend a few minutes writing dot
points about any observations you have made regarding you and the
group on any or all of the following:

– group communication; leadership

These notes will form the basis of a report on your observations of
communication within your group.

With each claim you make in your Report you must provide evidence
from your group work to support the claim.

You will write on 1 of the following areas using a concept or concepts
discussed in this unit, and with evidence from communication within
your group:

Group communication (e.g. task, maintenance, conflict, interpersonal
Leadership (e.g. leadership roles, styles and methods)

Some modelling of this assignment will be available.
Purpose of assignment
This assignment is designed to enable you to:

? acquire applied knowledge of the key concepts in this unit;
? gain an active awareness of communication theory and
? develop your problem solving skills in relation to
communication case studies;
? cultivate your interpersonal and group communication skills;
? cultivate your leadership style and competence;
? extend your capacity for self-reflection and self-development;

Assessment criteria Your Communication Reflection Report is marked holistically on the basis of the following criteria. It demonstrates that you have:

? understood some of the key concepts addressed in this
assessment item
? thoughtfully applied communication theory and concepts to
? critically reflected on your own communication performance;
? critically reflected on the communication within the groups;
? shown evidence of your capacity for independent and relevant research
? adhered to the academic standards of written communication
and referencing