Choose Research Topic

Choose Research Topic

Project description

You’ve learned to resist the temptation to dive into a new wiritng project without thoughtful planning; now you can apply that same level of discipline to research.

With so much information online, it’s tempting to just punch some keywords into a search engine and then sift through the results hoping to find something useful.

However, such a lack of planning can limit your effectiveness and your efficiency, and you can’t afford either mistake in today’s competetive business environment.

For this assignment, choose a topic in aviation safety. Once approved by your instructor you will use this topic to conduct research, and in later modules write a

research paper, and present your research as part of your final project. Remember the 5 step research process

Maintain research ethics and etiquette
Familiarize yourself with the subject; develop problem statement
Identify information gaps
Prioritize research needs
Locate data and information
Evaluate sources
Collect secondary information at the library, online, or elsewhere
Document your sources
Collect primary information through surveys and interviews
Process data and information
Quote, paraphrase, or summarize textual information
Analyze numerical information
Apply your findings
Summarize findings
Draw conclusions
Make recommendations
Manage information
Make research results available to others