Chinese movie review

Topic: Chinese movie review

Ma lu tian shi (Street Angle, 1935)  Wu ya yu ma que (Crows and Sparrows, 1949)  Zhu fu (The New Year’s Sacrifice, 1956)  Zao chun er yue (Early Spring in the Second Month, 1963)  Wu tai jie mei (Stage Sisters, 1965)   choose one or more movies

What is expected in the essay?  We suggest that you write a ‘position’ paper in which you argue a position on one or more questions about one or a group of films viewed in this course. The question/theme may come from the discussion questions on this syllabus, or from those in the course reader. It may be one that you devise, such as focusing on gender issues in the films, the achievements/failings of the Chinese revolution as seen through the films and so on.   You are not required to do a research essay per se, only to take a position on an issue or a question and substantiate with evidence you see in the film(s). You may use readings from the course reader or the books listed in the additional readings to aid you forming a position. By no means should you go online and randomly download material from websites. Everything quoted from books, journals or other sources must be marked by quotation marks or indented as a block. Then reference data such as author, title, and page numbers must be given.