Challenging Disability

Essay Question:
“With reference to the disability rights movement’s approaches; explain why the medical model of disability is regarded as a political stumbling block to achieving equality for disabled people. Use your knowledge of the medical model & social model of disability together with government legislation in your response”.
(2500 words)

Introduction (200 words)

Summarise exactly what the following essay will be covering, don’t merely repeat the essay title.
What are your key areas for discussion?
What will your conclusions show?

Main Body
(2000 words: break this up into chunks for each key section)
• Explain what the two perspectives (medical model and the social model) are and the related theory (500 words)
• Use equal opportunities and human rights to portray these perspectives and use examples of how policy and experience reflect different areas of these perspectives (500 words)
• Use key examples from charities or education or genetics to support your ideas (500 words)
• How does the legislation that we’ve looked at impact on the lives of disabled people; how is legislation perceived by the social and medical perspectives? (500 words)
These word counts do not have to be followed exactly, they are only guidance. If you want to write more on a particular area that is fine, it is YOUR essay and YOUR structure.

Conclusion (300 words)

Evaluate competing arguments on the basis of evidence: how does everything you have discussed lead you to agree or disagree with the essay question?
Here, demonstrate your summary of key themes.

Reference List

Please ensure you use the Harvard style of referencing for which support is given in the online and hard copy of ‘Cite them Right’.
You must use ALL of your references in the main body of the assignment.
Alphabetically cited please!