Challenges of Social Enterprises Custom Essay

Introduction Social enterprise has drawn different stances from a wide range of scholars. Some scholars hold that Social enterprises are social organizations formed purposely to raise income (Borzaga & Defourny 2004). In these social organizations, entrepreneurial skills are notably employed. From this viewpoint, social enterprises are distinct from other social organizations because they seldom depend on government, public and other donors for funding (Cabinet Office 2006). In these social organizations, grants and donations primarily facilitate their social objectives. In this sense, social enterprises tend to consolidate their efforts towards the realization of social objectives (Roper & Cheney 2005). The social enterprises can easily be distinguished from other social organizations based on their objectives. Social organizations have set their goals based on wealth maximization. The social enterprises have incorporated entrepreneurial skills along side their social objectives. The social sector has dramatically been stunned by recent growth. This has attracted countless social organizations that also rely on donations and grants from similar sources (Roper & Cheney 2005)