Case Study, Human Resources (HR)

Organizational Development

1. Read the Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd case in the Cummings & Worley textbook (pages 241-246).
2. In academic paper format, answer the questions below. Remove the questions from the response.
3. APA format is required. A minimum of eight unique scholarly references is required (the textbook is considered one unique reference regardless of how many times it is used). All references should be from the years 1998 to

present day. The anticipated length of the paper is 1300-1600 words, excluding reference list.
4. Use prior to submission. The case will not be evaluated until submitted to; late penalties will apply. The login, password, and instructions for use can be found in the Course Content folder.
5. Check the syllabus for the rubric that will be used to evaluate the case.
Questions to answer:
1. What level of analysis (organization, group, or individual job) should be applied to this case?
2. How would you go about assessing the documentation process? What combination of interviews, questionnaires, observations, and unobtrusive measures would you use? Why?
3. Create a political assessment table by identifying the stakeholders in this case and what they want to receive from this change process. (Hint: take a look at Chapter 10 starting on page 171.)
4. To what extent is the PolyProd organization ready to conduct this change? What indicators exist to suggest that the organization is ready/not ready to engage in documentation systems improvement?
5. Describe how you will develop a change process and the critical issues you will face in managing the change.