Case “loud noises at Bombardier

answer the 4 questions which are given in the uploaded material after reading the case carefully.

Craft a (4-5 pages) based on one of the following prompts: M 3? s H

1. Explore the narrator’s transformation from blindness to sight as he chronicles how A is i

he ultimately embraces his invisibility. In examining this journey, focus on the

roles he plays-often without him realizing it. s f _ ” ‘.;i.’;::

1 a” ‘ nu; xv ;~~s.t.t…….;;g – l g.

Note: Use any of the following themes and scenes to aid you in your


“I was looking for myself’ (Battle Royal, Ch. 1)

“your people we in some important manner tied to my destiny“ Day. 94)

“What is your name?” (factory ml. 232)

‘”I’hisisyournewname”(Bmtl:erhood.309) by s ‘T ‘ t

Stcreotypaz Spirituals (312)?