Captsone Paper

Identify 1-2 key concepts/theories. As an “application” assignment, the purpose of this report is to synthesize/integrate these concepts/theories by linking these concepts/theories to a specific organization (whether it be your own or some other one). Think of yourself in the capacity as “analyst.”
Check-list for Both Report Options:
1. Use APA style formatting only
2. Length: 5-7 pages of copy (this excludes abstract, cover page, references, etc.)
3. Abstract: no more than 500 words (serve as an “executive summary” – a short recap)
4. Page numbering required (using “running head” APA style formatting)
5. Deadline: due the last day of the term. No reports will be accepted beyond the last day of the 9-week term.
6. Catchy title on cover page (don’t forget to use a strong verb)
7. Start with an Introductory paragraph (to include a “purpose statement” so we know, up front what you plan to discuss)
8. Include at least (3) main points to substantiate this purpose in your body copy
9. End with a short, clear and concise conclusion paragraph
10. This is NOT an opinion paper:
? ALWAYS substantiate your claims with an outside source
? Do not use personal pronouns (such as I, me, we, us, etc.)
11. Points will be deducted for typographical and grammatical errors. Remember to proof, proof, and proof again before turning in your final submission.