brush strokes

brush strokes
Paper instructions:
Research projects must follow the sample paper manuscript format under MLA (Baker Library online) for margins, type face, pagination, first page information, Works Cited, etc. YOUR PAPER SHOULD LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE SAMPLE All documentation, in text citation and Works Cited page (s) must conform to the Baker Library on line MLS Writer’s Guide for Humanities
You are expected to hand in an error proof paper which means correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax. If you have any doubt that you are able to correct these elements on your own, I suggest you make an appointment in the ESOL center as soon as possible.
Sources-5+ sources (only those actually used in your paper which you have actually cited). Sources should be varied: books, scholarly articles, videos, official web sites used by museums or artists, etc.
REMEMBER TO USE YOUR TEXTBOOK BY AMY TUCKER AND YOUR MFA JOURNAL IF IT IS THE SAME WORK AS YOUR PAPER (remember to refer to yourself in text in the third person, EX. Ellis states in her recorded visit to the MFA that….).
If you have additional sources which you have used as background information but have not cited, they should be listed separately from those you have included in Works Cited.