Boost Juice case study

The essay is about Boost Juice Case by answering two questions:
1. How does Boost differentiate its products from competitors?
2.Outline and discuss the macro-environmental forces that could potentially impact on the success of the Boost business moving forward?
Although it was the case study, we should write like an essay including introduction, body paragraph 1 should response to question 1 and paragraph 2 should response to question 2, and finally conclusion. According to the marking guide, question 1 worth more marks than question 2, so it would be great if the essay is emphasize more on question 1. I will upload the marking guide paper and i want the essay that can catch the criteria of the marking guide. Research can be both scholarly and non-scholarly, however, i prefer to use scholarly one in order to attract more marks. When answering question 12, author should explain different Variables over period of time, direct and indirect competitors of boost, and their value proposition including boost market segmentation and differentiation. Please read marking guide for more instruction