blame or name-calling

Paper instructions:
This assignment is designed to give students a larger sense of audience and to respond to issues of the argument culture and partisanship. For this assignment you will choose an elected public official within a section or a part of government you wish to address regarding a specific issue of your choosing. Compose a letter, including a salutation, of no less than 500 (but no more than 1000) words which addresses your purpose for writing him/her/them, the issue you would like to discuss, and how this official (or entity) is a part of the change you would like to see. You must also fairly acknowledge other views on this issue as well. Remember the methods of Aristotelian rhetoric (ethos, pathos, logos) from class as these may be useful in your letter. You can write to your congressman, city council representative, attorney general, or other government official. Be sure to address your letter to the appropriate entity (don’t write your senator about your garbage service). Be sure to address them and the purpose of your letter appropriately. Don’t lament your problems; try to engage them without using blame or name-calling.

This letter can be addressed to an editorial column if you choose. Should you write an editorial, you must refer to other letters to the editor on this same issue you have previously read, ideally from the same publication.

Expressing your concern clearly, concisely, and without blame or fallacies