Being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in the Australian Education System

Type: Assignment – Research-based Assignment

Task Description:

Research-based assignment

Genre: Expository essay complete with in-text referencing and reference list (APA preferred).

Length: 3500-4000 words

Please note that the schooling context is that of the middle years in Australian junior secondary schools – ie young adolescents 12-15 years of age.

Selecting a topic: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian Education System. Identify an area of interest for indepth research. For an essay of this length, you will need to make

sure that your topic has sufficient scope. Do some initial reading about your topic and check that there are sufficient available resources.

Criteria & Marking:

Evidence of:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the field of inquiry

ie – depth and breadth in the range of academic research used to support perspectives and arguments.

2. Critical judgement:

ie – the ability to

*define and analyse problems

*apply critical reasoning

*evaluate opinions, make decisions and reflect critically

3. Effective Communication

ie – the ability to

*convey ideas clearly, correctly and fluently

*select and use the appropriate level and style of communication using appropriate conventions of referencing