Begin Data Collection Mini-Project

Begin Data Collection Mini-Project

In the past few weeks of this course, you have worked on a Mini-Project in which you tested a data collection tool. Before you tested your data collection tool, you made some predictions about what themes and patterns you expected to emerge from the data. For this Discussion, you will analyze the accuracy or inaccuracy of your predictions.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the required reading for this week.
• Review the predictions you made in the Week 6 Application about the themes and patterns you expected from the data generated by your data collection tool test. Did your predictions come true? To what extent? Where did the two differ? To what degree? What was your reaction to this discovery?
• Application – Week 6
Begin Data Collection Mini-Project
At the end of this course, you will submit a Qualitative Research Plan incorporating the skills and techniques you have learned. In order to help you prepare for this research plan, you will first complete a data collection Mini-Project that you will submit in Week 9.
This week, you will begin your Mini-Project by developing an appropriate data collection tool. You will test your data collection tool and provide interview questions and field notes.
To prepare for this Application:
• Based on the research questions for the qualitative research plan for this course, develop an appropriate data collection tool and find 3–5 participants that you can interview in order to test the tool.
• Before you test it, predict what patterns and themes you expect to emerge from the collected data. On what do you base your predictions?
The assignment:
• Provide the interview questions and protocol.
• Provide field notes for each interview.
o Summarize the responses to the questions.
o Analyze the responses. Is this the information you were hoping to generate from the questions? If you are not getting the data you want, what needs to change?
o Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the interview questions and protocol you developed. Where can the questions or protocol be improved?

• What does this result tell you about qualitative research, data collection, and data analysis? What conclusions can you draw?
With these thoughts in mind:

Request for 1 page to comparison of your predictions about themes and patterns in data to your actual results. Conclude your posting by describing what these results tell you about qualitative research, data collection, and data analysis.