Complete a seven- to ten-page APA-style research paper describing biological and/or environmental influences on child development (and the interplay between them), that demonstrates knowledge of cited work, and clear topical focus.

You may choose to work with another classmate [in pairs] to complete the assignment.
If you choose to work in pairs, please let me know at least one week ahead of the due date via email.
Also, if you choose to work in pairs, you will have submit the assignment individually. Make sure the submitted assignment document is exactly the same.

You will?select?ONE biological OR environmental?factor that influences child development (Refer to?your readings for Week 2 &3 to identify the factor). ?Please follow the rubric (below) closely as you complete?the assignment.??
Those of you who are in the MA ECSE program, this is your iWebfolio artifact. Be sure to upload the final paper after?I have graded it in the course and provided feedback.
STEPS to follow :
Around WEEK 6 start thinking about the topic you want to study in detail.
Conduct an initial search on the UNC libraries to see if there is enough published literature on the topic. Identify the key words to use to search [e.g. autism, preschooler, social emotional development, specific authors you may have read about on the topic, etc.]
If you find too much?narrow your topic by age range [e.g. infants/ toddlers, preschooler etc.] OR by domain [e.g. social emotional, cognitive etc.]

Identify a particular biological or environmental factor [see weekly sessions 2 &3 for examples].
Present background/ description of the condition
Causes and prevalence of the condition
Describe the scope & purpose of your paper
Understanding development, characteristics and needs:
How is the development of young children with this biological/ environmental condition different than typically developing children?
Describe the atypical development for different domains/ age groups.
Building family community relationships:
How do you support families of children who have the above mentioned environmental or biological condition?report on specific strategies professionals can use to support families
What specific support is available?e.g. resources, parent support centers, web-based support, etc.
Teaching & learning:
What evidence-based strategies can professionals use to support development of children you mentioned above?