austerity policies

austerity policies

How have the tough austerity policies adopted in response to the European debt crisis affecting the economy and society of Greece?

Strong Economic Medicine: The IMF’s “Mistakes” on Greece are Nothing New


Choose your sources that fit best with yourtype of analysis, but include at least one

source with opposing views so that you have some counter-argument. Make notes on the key ideas and include the page numbers to use for the
in-text citations. Use your own words. Find details that will make good support for your claims. Analyzing Causes and Effects

1. What are you analyzing?

Is it an event that happened once?

Is it a phenomenon, affecting large numbers ofpeople?

Is it a trend with a changing pattern?

(Consider how you want to frame your analysis. How can you categorize yourtopic?)

2. Consider the type of causal relationships: causal chain,contributory causes with one main effect,interactive causes,single cause with multiple effects

3. Beware of any logical problems or causal fallacies: True causes vs. necessary conditions. For example, oxygen in the air causes spontaneous fires. (Solution: oxygen in the air is a necessary condition for starting a fire, but the true cause of starting a fire is a spark, like we get when we strike a match.)

Focus on immediate ratherthan remote causes.

Avoid faulty post hoc reasoning: (A precedes B; therefore, A causes B.) For example, ifthe sun comes up at 7:00 am and I eat breakfast at 7:15 am, then I eat breakfast because the sun comes up. (Solution: a time correlation is not the same as a cause/effect relationship.)

Ouestionable cause. For example, the plague in the Middle Ages was caused by the Jews who poisoned the Christians’wells. (Solution: make sure you have enough evidence for your claims.)

A correlation does not necessarily mean a cause/effect relationship. For example, violent video games and

movies caused the Columbine shootings. (Solution: Thousands ofteenagers have been exposed to violence on video games and movies without resorting to shooting their classmates. A genuine cause will have the same effect in the majority of cases.)

Slippery slope (false predictions). For example, if you fail the first quiz in this unit at UNE, you will be a failure for life.

(Solution: the domino effect/causal chain does not automatically apply.)

5. Make an outline with a thesis statement and topic sentences for the body paragraphs.
What is your purpose for each paragraph? Make sure that you have detailed support to go in each body paragraph. Include some counterargument to answer readers’ possible objections. Plan the introduction and conclusion last.