Assignment 2: Objectives, Motivation, and Challenges, Part 2 Custom Essay

Instructional supervision relates to the steps undertaken by administrators to ensure that learning goes on smoothly in learning environments. The supervisors interact with both teachers and students by monitoring the progress in teaching and motivating students. Additionally, the supervisor offers guidance and feedback to ensure the development of teacher professionalism. In essence, instructional supervision seeks to improve education standards through interaction and problem solving in teachers (Zepeda, 2007). Supervision is a vital role for the teaching profession, and teachers also learn more through reviews from their colleagues. This is different from evaluation which seeks to rate the performance of teachers through observations and other forms of assessments. Both supervision and evaluation of teachers are important tasks of a school head’s instructional leadership (Khan et al. 2009) Instructional supervisors are faced with the problem of teacher autonomy, being both a teacher and supervisor could lead to a conflict of interest