Applications: Courses and Careers

Applications: Courses and Careers
Task 1: Select around 10 active verbs and write sentences about yourself using the word you have chosen. Make a table with two columns, one column stating the key qualities (5) needed for midwifery and the other detailing the personal challenges you will face in meeting and/or developing them. Write up a personal reflection of around 500 words analysing the relevance of your own skills and experiences (i will send you my personal statement). Active verbs: accomplished, motivated, worked, found, researched, organised, improved, planned,won and provided. Qualities: Understanding and caring attitude, respectful, excellent communications skills,ability to cope with distressing situations and remain calm and an ability to act on own initiative.
Task 2: Write about how you research and decided on your final 5 university choices, recording your thoughts and experiences of the open days (400-500 words). Universities: Middlesex, London Southbank, City, Kingston and Greenwich.
Task 3: Alalyse 10 questions that you are most likely to be asked at interview. Why is important, response in the interview and how can be improve.
1. What are the skills of a midwife?
2. how would you cope with a stillbirth?
3. What are your views on home births?
4. What are your views on breastfeeding promotion?
5. What is diversity?
6. How is diversity important in midwifery?
7. How do you cope with pressure?
8. Can you work well in a team?
9. Do you feel that those who are already mothers make the best midwives?
10. What is a normal birth?
11. What are your views on pregnancy termination?