Application Exercise

This is an HRD 473 Evaluating learner performance class

carefully read the following assignment:

1. Approach the human resources department of an organization of your choice. Ask the HR or HRD director
or HR Generalist for a copy of a survey utilized by the organization to evaluate a trainee’s level of
learning following a training/learning initiative (program).The survey that you acquire should be blank with
no answers present!
2. Scan the survey or questionnaire.
3. Carefully review the survey you acquired and address the following items on the word document:
1. Title of the Survey (explain what is the message being conveyed).
2. Assurances of anonymity and confidentiality for the respondent (if present, describe).
3. Are instructions present at the beginning of the survey? If so, what is the message conveyed to the
4. Describe the types of items shown in the survey that are used to gather the data.
5. Are there instances where three to four items measure the same variable? If so, describe.
6. How many words are used in the shortest item present and how many words are used in the longest item
7. How many total items are shown on the survey and how much time is necessary to complete the survey?
Describe the statistical analysis that will most likely be utilized to analyze the various types of data
acquired from the survey. It is possible that more than one analysis will be necessary! For example,
frequencies, percentages, qualitative or perhaps all of these.