Anton Chekhov Begin with a comprehensive biography, which includes relevant information, particularly as regards to his writings. Analysis of the text will include:
1. Introduction: Identify the book/short story/play/poetry you are going to review. The author, title, date and place of publication may be placed at the beginning of the essay in the form of a bibliographic citation. Then state what the author’s goal was in writing the book. Why did the author write on this specific subject? What contribution to our understanding of history did the author intend to make?
2. Brief Summary: In the main body of the review, you should begin by briefly describing the content and organization of the book, along with the most important events. Do not get bogged down in details here; this section is only intended to prepare the reader for the critical assessment to follow.
3. Critical Assessment: This is the part of your essay where you can look at the seven elements: plot, theme, symbol, character, point of view, tone/irony and theme. What is the author’s central thesis? How does it relate to his or her own roots and biography? Discuss any argument that the author has made about his subject.
4. Conclusion Assessment: Reiterate why you chose this particular work and author.