Answer the following questions with detailed explanations.

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1) There are a variety of investigative/assessment tools that can be used to investigate child abuse cases. You have been assigned to a “Crimes Against Children” investigations unit within your agency. Develop and describe a proposal in which you would be assessing your departments’ ability to detect and respond to these issues. You proposal should contain at a minimum, the following:
? What data/intelligence would you need, and why?
? What would you do with this data?
? How would this data be used to develop potential intervention strategies?
? What are your expected outcome measures (how would you measure success or failure)? Be descriptive but concise in your responses.

2) Develop a training proposal to increase your patrol officers’ awareness and detection of potential child abuse incidents when responding to calls for service.
? What training or other programs would you implement within your agency?
? How would you gain command staff support – what would you use?
? What are the goals and objectives of your program? (HINT: Goals are broad statements about the program’s direction; Objectives are how you will go about reaching the goal – they should be specific, measurable and achievable)

? What are you using for motivation for these officers and command staff, and how do you address possible issues that may arise (i.e. training money, grants, different shifts, manpower, etc.)?