How do High Performance Working Practices produce a competitive advantage for an organisation?

•    Synthesise and critique the knowledge and understanding relating to people management theory and practice in modern work organisations.

•    Identify the main normative drivers of groups, identify stakeholder positions, and critically discuss a variety of approaches towards

conflict resolution within and between groups

•    Select, periodically review, and if necessary adjust your personal stance and style towards  leadership , using appropriate reflective

analysis techniques

•    Critically analyse and evaluate an organisation’s performance management systems and provide a reasoned argument for its improvement as

•    What are the core concepts of High Performance Working?
•    How does HPW contribute to a competitive advantage – provide evidence from case studies/empirical data (business examples)
•    Are organisations that use HPW systems able to expand rapidly?
•    What is the impact of HPW systems on the individual?
•    Investigate the literature surrounding high performance working