analysis of complicated ethical positions of characters in “other people’s money”

please read the play "other people’s money" carefully and then continue on what I have already written and then write another 5 pages. Be sure to be coherent and analyze Garfinkle,

Coles and Kate’s ethical positions and give a conclusion. I’ll attach what I wrote and the play.
The assignment is that
:At first glance, Other People?s Money seems like a simple morality play, one that pits an old-fashioned New England manufacturing company against a ravenous Wall Street ?corporate raider.?

But your job is to look more closely. I?d like you to discover how the play complicates this simple narrative. Look for areas where the ?good guys?? motives may be less than pure, and where the

?bad guys? may have a sensible ethical position. Please do not try to prove that Larry the Liquidator is an angel and that Andrew Jorgensen is the devil incarnate. Such overreaching is bound to

distort the play. Rather, acknowledge the complexity of the ethical positions of the various players. In a sense, the play may be arguing that in modern finance certain notions of right and

wrong are complicated.