A critique on the failures of the OAU-AU in terms of Peacekeeping, and Security Initiatives. Include cases such as Darfur and Syria failures in the paper. Please do not be limited to these variables as there has been other past failures. Include international(such as the UN) influence on the African Unions security and peace attempts. Please include history of OAU background, and how it became the AU. Must include table of contents an introduction, question, hypothesis, literature review, methodology, Data Analysis, and Conclusion. Must use sources from the 2000’s. At least 3 sources must be published books. 1 full page for the question and hypothesis separated by subheadings, a detailed literature review using my sources (I’m not sure how many pages that will be) 1 full page or more for my methodology, a detailed page for my data analysis (I’m not sure how many pages that will be) 1 full page for my conclusion
I need 3 or more book sources, and at least 1 academic journal. Must use World Bank, and United Nations among sources. No newspaper articles. Website sources are acceptable if written by a credible site such as BBC.
Must be mindful of basic language, and vocabulary as I am a college senior. Please avoid non-colloquial terminology, and the paper must be free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and diction errors.