Algae Energy Farms Custom Essay

Design of a Novel Flat-plate Photobioreactor System for Green Algal Hydrogen Production The formal definition of Microalgae that is so far widely accepted by researchers and scientists is the cell factories driven by sunlight which convert CO2 to potential biofuels. Microalgae are used to produce several different types of renewable biofuels, and the idea of biofuels has been taken seriously due to the escalating fossil fuel prices. Moreover, there is emerging concerns of global warming that is associated with fossil fuel burning (Kumar, Dasgupta, Nayak, Lindblad, & Das, 2011).additionally, Biofuels have been defined as the type of fuel or combustible material which is renewable and which comes from plants and animals that have over 82% of their body being made up of renewable elements. To this end, the paper is written to study the effective production of