(Africa) Dogan, Zulu


Search Engine eHRAF and Culture (see how to use the e-HRAF below)

The Human Relations Area Files is a search engine database of cultures around the world. The eHRAF is designed to search by region, by culture, or by aspects of culture. You MUST use the eHRAF for this assignment and, in addition, may use other sources if completely referenced.

For assignment #1, you are to explore the eHRAF and investigate in depth:

(1) One culture, from the list below, other than the culture you were raised in. (2) Discuss your chosen culture in terms of the geography and environment and at least one aspect of the culture from the “infra-structure”, and the “structure”, and the “super-structure”. (3) Compare and contrast: What aspects of your researched culture are similar to the culture you were raised in and what aspects are different? (4) In the closing paragraph, discuss what you have learned from this exercise.

To start, go to eHRAF then go to Browse then go to Region or Countries and select one of the cultures listed below: