Adjustment psychology

We live in a changing world and changing times. For instance, because of ever-increasing level of automation,

many jobs that used be to done by the human hand are now being done by machines. Computer technology has
changed ways of human communication. We used to write letters to one another sending them through the
snail-pace mail and were happy to receive a reply one or two weeks later. We don?t do that as much or as often
any more. We have cell phones these days which give us instant gratification. We also email and we text,
especially with the younger generation. The words, blogging and twittering, for example, which were never
heard of just not too long ago, are quickly becoming household words. Another area of change is that because
of industrialization, the world we live in is more populated than before, including air pollution, water
pollution, and noise population, etc. Pollution affects our food sources, which, in, turn affect our health.
It has also been suggested by some that the temperature on earth is slowly rising because of all the various
human activities we engage in. In addition, decades ago, one bread-winner families were the norm. Life was
simple, without all the modern labor-saving devices and without the 50 inch LCD TV?s in the living-room.
Today, our lives are full of modern gadgets, but somehow, our stress level has skyrocketed in the meantime.
Heart diseases, stroke, and cancer, which are believed to be all stress-related, have become leading diseases
that end people?s lives today. Divorce rates in this country are among the highest in the world. Drug problems
and crime problem constantly challenge the peace and quiet of people?s lives.

The list above merely represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of life changes, which demand adjustments on
our part. Needless to day, to survive, to be a fully functioning social being, and to live a fulfilled life in
an ever-changing world, we must adjust to the changes.

The objectives of this research paper are twofold. The first is that you are expected to do research on the
topic of your choice. You will learn where and how to find reputable research findings, which may offer
suggestions regarding adjustment on a practical level. That is, instead of engaging in some abstract
theoretical discussion, try to find research findings that offer practical suggestions about adjustment, like
?how to improve human communications, ? ?how to have a successful marriage,? ?how to manage personal/family
finance,? ?how to reduce stress,? ?how to reduce crime rate,? ?how to improve one?s health,? ?how to increase
one?s self-esteem,? ?how to develop a successful career,? etc., etc. The second objective is that you are
expected to share your research with the class, so that your fellow students will benefit from your research.