Action Plan

Based on this scenario, write an action plan addressing law-enforcement response to the detailed drug activity. You should consider all available enforcement strategies as well as the inclusion

of resources beyond the police agency’s own. This project must be four pages, not including the cover sheet or references page. Due: End of Week 8
Format Requirements for all projects
• Each annotation should have no less than four sources
• Each annotation should contain approximately 150 words.
• Double space
• 12 pt. font
• 1” margins
• Use APA citations for all sources

Drug Scenario

You are a Senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Intelligence reports indicate that a new drug cartel is setting up business in a rural community just west of Tucson, AZ.

The cartel is comprised of several drug traffickers from Mexico, and a small group of distributors that are believed to be American citizens from Tucson. The reports suggest that this group may

be receiving assistance from the local police in AZ, but there is no solid evidence to link the local police to the cartel. The group may also be responsible for several murders on both sides of the


An informant who is not always credible, told you that the group from Mexico is very suspicious of the Americans and will not deal with them until the Americans can show they have sufficient

funding to handle 2,000 pounds of marihuana a week. You have no reason to suspect that the informant is playing both sides, it’s just that the information he provided in the past has not always

been accurate.

Your boss has told you that you have 12 months to work this case and she wants results. In addition to the 12 month time frame, your boss wants you and your Team to penetrate the group to

determine the cartel’s span of operation to include whether the group is dealing in more than just marihuana and whether they are responsible for the murders. Your resources are not unlimited,

but your boss has told you that you can have 4 Special Agents from any DEA office, and you available funding and the use of military personnel that are assigned to a Multi-National Drug

Interdiction Program in CA.