A. What to do:

Paper instructions:
A. What to do:

1. Write three pages using Times New Roman 12 as font and 1 inch margins.

2. Choose one of the films we watched in class since the last paper and focus on one theme you liked and you think you have quite a lot to write about. You might choose two movies to work on, if you think that there is one theme that they share and that you want to explore.

3. Organize your thoughts around a well-designed outline.

4. Make clear what is your thesis in the first paragraph and work towards your goal, that is, demonstrating your thesis through logic and examples
B. What not to do:

1. Don’t waste space by recounting the plot of the movie, unless you are using a specific episode to make your point.

2. There is no need to write about the director’s bio, unless an episode of it is crucial for your point.