Persuasive Essay

Here is some additional info and requirements. Persuasive Essay (6 pages). The proposal paper must have: Section 1: A clear and thorough description of your current research project. It should include your research question. If you have special qualifications for pursuing this project, you should include those. There should be a clear thesis statement in this section on why your project is important enough to your peers, i.e., why finding the answer to your research question is important for your audience and perhaps even society at large.Section 2: Current secondary source research/literature review. Synthesize and summarize at least four scholarly secondary sources that deal closely with your research project, and then discuss how your research builds on/revises/challenges that research. Section 3: Current findings/primary source analysis. Discuss what you have been finding so far in your primary research and how that primary research contributes to your current hypothesis (answer to your research question). In this section, you should provide a detailed analysis of at least one primary source. This primary source could be a film, television show, song, work of art, etc. related to your project or it could be your own research findings from a survey, interview,etc. Section 4. Research plan/Conclusion. Explain where you plan to go from here. What additional sources (secondary and primary) will you consult? Do you plan on doing any field research of your own? What types of information are you still wanting to find? In your final paragraph, you should summarize why your topic matters and why you want to make others care about it. Appendix: In a table, plot out a weekly plan from the date of the submission of the essay (March18) for the rest of class, with the intention of having a full 10-page draft ready by Sunday, April 29th. Formal Requirements for Final Draft of Persuasive Proposal. 1.Six pages of writing minimum, not including works cited, images, etc. 2.Paper must have a title and header (your name and the class/section), and your last name and the page number must be on the upper right hand margin of each page. 3.Double-spaced, no more than 1” Margins, 12 Point Font (New Times Roman or equivalent). 4.Citations must conform to MLA Style for in-text citations and include a works cited section at the end of the page