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Orlando: Gender Ideology: Gender ideology refers to attitudes regarding the appropriate roles, rights and responsibilities of men and women in society. This specifically refers to traditional gender ideologies that emphasize the value of distinctive roles for women and men where men fulfill their family roles through breadwinning activities and women fulfill their roles through homemaker and parenting activities. Gender ideology also refers to societal beliefs that legitimate gender inequality.  Dudes against Violence: Discussion of Gender Dynamics in Politics:Hari Kondabolu – Female President:    Panda Principal: Hillary Clinton: “President Donald Trump Opened Door To More Misogyny”Interview:   Can we list some examples (and links) of gender ideology when it comes to women in the workforce, politics, education, volunteering?


1. What do we mean by male spectatorship in Vertigo?

2. MODLESKI states that spectatorship is split. What do we mean here?

3. At what point in the film does Modleski point to the “spectator position painfully split between Judy and Scottie?

4. One of the themes that Modleski focuses on is “the fascination of femininity of the male protagonist? In what ways does Scotty’s behavior resemble the feminine?

5. Modleski goes on to cite parallelisms between Scottie’s identification with the feminine and Judy/Madeleine. These scenes point to how Scotty identification with Madeleine moves him into a feminine viewpoint.

“ It is as if he were continually confronted with the fact that woman’s uncanny otherness has some relation to himself, that he resembles her in way intolerable to contemplate – intolerable because this resemblance throws into question his own fullness of being (maleness). (The ghostliness— pg. 92)

Can you give me some examples of how Scotty is absorbed by Judy/Madeleine?

6. Are we ever privy to Judy’s thought and feelings? How do we identify with Judy/Madeleine?

7. A Closer Look, Keane (1986) raises questions to Modleski and Mulvey’s claims to the male gaze – such as Scotty’s scopophilia. Firstly, what is scopophilia? How does Keane use Freud’s theory of scopophilia?

8. When do we know that Judy was a tool of Gavin Elsters plot to murder his wife?

9. When do we see a final shift in the film’s point of view?

10. What does the scene where the camera circles the couple suggest?

11. Is Hitchcock in Vertigosympathetic to women or misogynistic?


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