strategic planning

Chapter 3: Briefly Explain: Why is strategic planning important to any and all managers? List and briefly explain: What are the seven (7) steps in the strategic planning process? Briefly explain: What is the difference between a strategy, a vision, and a mission? Briefly explain: How can HR management be instrumental in creating a competitive advantage? Chapter 4: Summarize: Why is it important for someone in HR to conduct job analyses? How is this helping the managers? How is it helpful to the company? Summarize: What items are typically included in a job description? Do you think companies can really do without having detailed job descriptions? Why or why not? Briefly explain: What HR Tool (online/internet website) can managers refer to when seeking to hire an individual but are not quite sure what specific skills are required for the job? What does this tool do for HR managers or other company managers? Briefly explain: Why should managers think of staffing, training, appraising, and paying employees as a talent management process? Chapter 5: List and describe each: What the main internal sources of candidates (workers already working for the company)? List and describe each: What are the main sources for outside candidates? Briefly explain: Why is effective recruiting important? Exercise: Effective recruiting includes making advertisements for job postings attractive. You are to create an effective advertisement for a job posting of your choice; choose a creative job title. You will use O*NET to construct your ad. Refer to ONET Online, search for an occupation, click and select the occupation from the list, use the occupation’s summary, details, etc…to create your ad based on what you learned in chapter 5. Also, see in your textbook, chapter 5 – OUTSIDE SOURCES OF CANDIDATES, FIGURE 5.7 for some top online recruiting boards, also see Figure 5.8 and Figure 5.9. You are to type up your advertisement on one or two MS Word pages. Use any clip art, font, colors or design, as long as it looks professional. Remember, you are assuming the role of a recruiter for your company. You may attach this separately or continue with this exercise on the same page you wrote your assignment questions. Critical Thinking Assignments (CTA): In your weekly modules, I will provide a series of questions/prompts to develop your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the chapter subject matter; this is how I assess your mastery of the course learning outcomes. Your answers should be factual and related to your textbook and/or any other source that support your answers/responses to the questions. To maximize your grade points for the Critical Thinking Assignments, strongly consider the following: When asked to summarize: Write a well-developed paragraph of no less than 200 – 250 words per question unless otherwise instructed. When asked to list: Use bullet points; no paragraphs. When asked to list and briefly explain: Use bullet points and follow your point with an explanation. When asked to briefly explain (only): Write a well-developed answer/explanation of no less than 75 – 100 words. Critical thinking involves the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. In this case, your judgment (answer) should support the prompt/question(s) as they relate to your learning activities and required/recommended reading. Do not submit your assignment by typing in the ‘Text Submission’ or ‘Comments’ box of the assignment link. Attach your final and complete MS Word doc. file by uploading your submission inside the link. Contact your instructor with any questions or concerns regarding errors in your submission. Quantity & Quality: Coursework submissions will be graded on mastery of course learning outcomes and is expected to have a good measure of quantity (writing) and quality (language and depth). Follow the format for Critical Thinking Assignments: Provide a header with Title of Assignment, Full Name, Course Name and #, Name of Institution, Name of Instructor, and Date Submitted One-inch margins on all sides of the document Use MS Word doc. and type using Times New Roman, 11 or 12 Font Write (copy and paste) the numbered question/prompt, enter a space bar, answer/response