this assignment is about you have to listen to this songs listed below and writing analysis on it. form of writing: 100 words each songs song name: objective description subjective reactions critical analysis Title of the First Piece Objective Description: Object Descriptions are your description of what you observed in the music at the performance. Describe each movement of the piece. Provide a narrative of your observations concerning such elements as melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, instrumentation, texture, form, etc. Describe the major musical characteristics of the piece, including the solos, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, or themes, etc. Note that a “narrative” is not a list or summary – it is a sequential description of what occurred as the piece was played. You should cover a wide range of important features of the music – avoid focusing obsessively on only one or two aspects too much. Keep in mind that the primary content of your paper is the objective description material. Other required components such as the subjective reaction and quality of performance sections should normally comprise a much smaller portion of the overall report. IMPORTANT: The objective descriptions must consist solely of your own observations about the music as performed at the concert you attended. Your paper may not include facts about the music from other sources including: program notes, the web, liner notes, other students, the text, etc. Including uncredited material from outside sources in your objective descriptions will result in consequences as described in the syllabus Policy on Copying and Cheating. Please note carefully that this an individual project, and not a collaborative project. Subjective Reaction: This brief paragraph describes your emotional response to the music. Did you like it or dislike it and, most importantly, why did you react as you did? What about the performance affected you? Express your opinion, but don’t forget to explain your reasons. A subjective reaction should usually be quite short, typically no more than a few sentences in a single short paragraph. A subjective reaction is not a creative writing assignment in which you make up stories about the music – do not narrate imaginary scenarios that you might dream up to go with the music. Simply describe how you reacted, and point to elements of the music that affected your reaction. The subjective reaction sections should be distinctly subordinate to the objective description sections – the objective descriptions are far more important than the subjective reactions on this assignment. In short, subjective reactions are a relatively minor part of the assignment. critical analysis: finally in this you have to write conclusion about song. like why the music is the way it is?what is the song is trying to say by music or lyrics or both. song list: blues 1) Bessie Smith:”lost your head blues” 2)B.B.King,”three O’clock blues” country music 3)Jimmie Rodgers,”waiting for a train” 4)Johnny Cash,”I walk the line” 5)Hank williams sr.,”i’ll never get out of this world alive”