road maps

Listen and re-listen to the music you have chosen (5 pieces) while following the road maps of the music in your textbook. Read the Goals for Review at the end of each chapter (this will give you an overview). Read what your textbook says about the pieces you have chosen. Reread all your own discussion essays. This will give you a sense of your progress through the semester. Read at least two essays by your peers on each style period of your chosen pieces. This will give you more input. But: be careful not to plagiarize! Copying someone’s else’s work is illegal and unethical. Write in your own style and in your own words. Use your own authentic voice. In your essays, you are required to answer all questions in a factual manner. If you are writing about your own response, use “i” and “my”. Answer the following questions for each of your five choices: It’s a good organizational tool to use the question numbers given below. Some questions can be answered in bullet form. Others require paragraphs. Title of work (Italicized or in quotation marks). Name of composer. Date of work. Style period in which work was written (usually in the title of the chapter in which the work is presented). Giveinformation about the style period to give a context, or set the stage, for the piece (1 paragraph). What genre (kind of work) is the music you have chosen? Explain. (1 short paragraph) When you use a musical term like “symphony,” to describe the genre, explain what the term means. Is the work instrumental or vocal or instrumental and vocal? List what instruments or what voices are performing. Is the work staged in live performance? Is the piece you have listened to the whole work or an excerpt from a work? Give the background to the composition—the times in which the work was written and/or about the composer or (1 or 2 paragraphs). Name and describe one characteristic of the music (1 paragraph). Describe at least thing about the music you like, by referring to something specific in the music (1 paragraph). For you, what is the difference between listening to the music on a recording and watching a performancon YouTube or in live performance?