Psychosexual Development

DUE IN 4 HOURS After reading A Child Called It, write an 8-page paper that focuses on the following: How old was David when he finally escaped the abuse? According to the following developmental theories what stage should David be in for each theory at the end do the abuse? What from the story confirms that? Did he miss any developmental stages, have difficulty mastering any, and or/fixated? Support your answer by researching each theory. Also, make sure to explain what each of the stages look like and were David lies within those stages? (Think: stage, description of stage, what examples make David at that stage) a. Piaget’s Cognitive Development b. Kohlberg’s Moral Development c. Erickson’s Psychosocial Development d. Freud’s Psychosexual Development Requirements: · APA format is a must · Include a cover page with title, name, college name, semester, course and professor’s name · Minimum 8 pages · Typed in 12-inch font · Double spaced, spell-checked and with minimal grammatical errors