liberal arts school

SEMESTER PAPER The value of a liberal arts school surrounded by professional schools is that it potentially provides unique opportunities. One aspect involves applied interdisciplinary critical thinking strategies for problem solving. You will be involved with problem identification and problem solving regardless of your field and future employment. The more vectors of entry you have, the higher the probability that you will discover innovative solutions. Toward that end, for this course you will write a 5-7 page, double-spaced major paper speaking to correlates between music and your major/professional discipline. No APA or MLA format and no bibliography are required. This is an essay. You need to figure out equivalents to melody, harmony, rhythm, and form in your field of endeavor. Once you understand music terminology, you will have a better grasp of how music works. You will become increasingly aware of how small elements of design are organized into patterns that are developed to extremes through repetition, sequence, and variation. I will post some sample papers from MSU students who have taken this course in the past, reveal various approaches to how others have unpacked and successfully realized this assignment. While at first this obviously abstract assignment might seem impossible in general or specifically to your major course of study, it will become increasingly clear how the title of my book “Sound Thinking: It’s ALL Music – How Music Connects with Everything” is a valuable perspective, makes this course relevant to your academic pursuits in a very unique way.