Define the name of the form/genre? For example, the composition you choose to hear could be one of the following: Spirituals; the Blues; Jazz; R&B; Rap (or Hip Hop); Gospel; an Oratorio; a Symphony; Calypso; Soca; Compas; etc. Then define your components: 3) What is the rhythm in your specific composition? 4) Describe something about the pitch. 5) Describe something about the melody. 6) Describe something about the harmony. 7) Describe the timbre (include performing forces) Finally, aesthetically, what do you think? 8) What are your aesthetic preferences for choosing to write about your example? Now you can make statements subjective viewpoints, i.e., something that makes you like the music you have chosen to write about, i.e., the harmony or the melody? Explain why you like it using terminology from the text.