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Answer the following questions.

  1. What is the workplace* communication problem that you’re analyzing in your final project? Briefly describe it.
  2. What is the name of the communication theory that you think applies to your workplace communication problem and what is its goal (to predict, explain, change, or understand a phenomenon)?
  3. To which of the seven communication traditions does this theory’s field of study belong? Explain the tradition and why this theory belongs in that category.
  4. Which of the communication contexts does the theory address? Explain the context and why this theory belongs in that category.
  5. Does the theory seek to answer questions of ontology, epistemology, or axiology about the nature of reality? Define the term as part of your answer.
  6. In your own words, summarize your theory. Make sure to include an explanation of its assumptions (primary axioms).
  7. What kinds of communication problems can this theory be used to investigate? Explain and provide examples that will show us why this theory is relevant to your workplace communication problem.


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