Write a 250 word summary of each of the two documents (500 words in total). Each summary will include (in this order):•The full reference for your document (use correct Harvard/APA formatting). And the link or web address for the document. •A summary of the content of the document in your own words. This is just a summary –you do not evaluate the article. You do not need to use in-text referencing. Use the information provided in the document to report on (where you can – not all documents will have all of this information): o(Who) The author/s and their organisation. o(Why) A description of the document (eg research report, policy commentary, etc) and the background/context/rationale provided. o(How) How the information in the report was produced (for example, a research article might report on a survey; a position statement might have been produced as a result of consultation). o(What) The main points, findings, arguments, positions presented in the document. link of documents given below to summarize: 1. 2.